Web of Tomorrow

A podcast about the web and the people who build it.

Web of Tomorrow

In each episode Adam interviews somebody who works in the web world as a designer, developer, manager, advocate, or founder. These are people who have built something awesome or are experts in something awesome. Together we're all building the web of tomorrow.


Adam Garrett-Harris


41: CLIMagic - Mark Krenz


@climagic is a twitter account all about the command line. Mark talks about why he started the account, some interesting things he's done with it, why CLI is so great, why you should learn it, some history of the command line, and some useful commands.


Show Notes

Once you understand the language, you're not limited or constricted by what another person's vision is for what you can do with your computer. Your terminal window becomes a portal into the heart of your system that lets you do what you want.

Mark Krenz


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