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Web of Tomorrow

48: Cassidy Williams - Mechanical Keyboards and Scrabble Keycaps

Hosted by Adam Garrett-Harris

Cassidy is really into mechanical keybards. She talks about how she got into keyboards, some keyboard vocabulary, and the Scrabble keycaps she launched on Massdrop.

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Talking Dudes
7/29/2018Talking Dudes

S03 Episode 06 - Ginger Beard Man

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris, and Jonathan Caldwell

Adam gives some house updates and is thinking about playing video games again, Jonathan went to Casa Neverlandia, and they talk about The Incredibles 2.

Talking Dudes
6/18/2018Talking Dudes

S03 Episode 04: In a closet, allegedly

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris, and Jonathan Caldwell

Adam has moved into the new house and is tearing stuff up and Jonathan contemplates becoming a programmer. And they talk about giving up on Star Wars and Marvel movies and book series they didn't like as kids, and what books Adam is reading.

Talking Dudes
6/10/2018Talking Dudes

S03 Episode 03: It's a Feature, Not a Bug

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris, and Jonathan Caldwell

Adam is fixing up his old house and has a new job offer. And they talk about anxiety vs excitement, side hustles, how men and women are different, and Adam's trip to New York.


8: Technically Wrong: Part 2

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris, Jason Staten, Jen Luker, and Safia Abdalla

We get into a lively discussion about sexism and racism in the workplace and the interview process, and Safia puts Adam and Jason in the hot seat.

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