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Web of Tomorrow

In each episode Adam interviews somebody who works in the web world as a designer, developer, manager, advocate, or founder. These are people who have built something awesome or are experts in something awesome. Together we're all building the web of tomorrow.


Adam Garrett-Harris


29: Angular 2 - Aaron Costley


In which I talk with Aaron Costley, a software engineer at Amazon, about Angular 2 and why he chose it for his latest project at Amazon.


Show Notes


What's good about it

  1. It's created by Google
  2. Embraces web components
  3. TypeScript
  4. Very easy to build shareable components Swimlanes data table
  5. Angular CLI


  1. No Pug support yet
  2. Still bugs in the CLI
  3. Lacking documentation
  4. Things are constantly changing

TypeScript Babel

SASS Stylus

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