Web of Tomorrow

A podcast about the web and the people who build it.

In each episode Adam interviews somebody who works in the web world as a designer, developer, manager, advocate, or founder. These are people who have built something awesome or are experts in something awesome. Together we're all building the web of tomorrow.


Adam Garrett-Harris


Latest Episodes

9/10/2020Web of Tomorrow

51: Elm in Action with Richard Feldman

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

Richard Feldman has spent years using and teaching Elm and wouldn't want to use anything else at this point. Learn about why he likes it so much and how you can learn from him and his new book, Elm in Action.

4/2/2018Web of Tomorrow

46: Safia Abdalla

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

Safia and I talk about how she got into computers, her startup, how she uses pen and paper for productivity, and a recent event where she received a lot of hate online.

2/19/2018Web of Tomorrow

45: Why PHP Gets a Bad Rep - Sammy Powers

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

It's common to hear jokes about PHP being a terrible programming language, but it powers most of the web. I talked with Sammy Powers, host of PHP Roundtable, to see what we can learn from languages like PHP>

9/18/2017Web of Tomorrow

42: Jake Lingwall - Author and Software Engineer

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

I talked with Jake about being an author and software engineer. He shares his journey of becoming an author and getting selected to have his first book published through the Kindle Scout program. And he talks about his new book, Vagrants.

9/4/2017Web of Tomorrow

41: CLIMagic - Mark Krenz

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

@climagic is a twitter account all about the command line. Mark talks about why he started the account, some interesting things he's done with it, why CLI is so great, why you should learn it, some history of the command line, and some useful commands.

8/21/2017Web of Tomorrow

40: Emotion - Kye Hohenberger

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

Kye Hohenberger is the creator of Emotion, a high performance, lightweight css-in-js library. He talks about the benefits of CSS-in-JS and of emotion in particular.

8/7/2017Web of Tomorrow

39: Gatsby - Kyle Mathews

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

Kyle Mathews is the creator of Gatsby, a blazing fast React static site generator. He talks about why he made Gatsby, why it's so fast, and why you should use it.

7/24/2017Web of Tomorrow

38: Storybook - Marie Laure Thuret

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

Storybook is an interactive development & testing environment for React and React-Native UI components. Marie explains why it's useful and how they use it at Algolia.

3/27/2017Web of Tomorrow

36: ES6 - Aaron Frost

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

Aaron Frost and I talk about ES6, a little bit of the history, some of our favorite features, and he explains the benefits of maps and sets.

3/6/2017Web of Tomorrow

34: Flexbox and Zombies - Dave Geddes

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

Want to really master flexbox? Dave Geddes has made a course that will help you do just that. In this episode, I talk to him about flexbox, his new course, and why we should really master this stuff.

11/19/2015Web of Tomorrow

11: D3.js

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

In which we talk about D3.js and how it's useful for data visualization and visual storytelling on the web.

9/24/2015Web of Tomorrow

3: Content Management Systems

Hosts: Adam Garrett-Harris

In which we talk about what the heck content management systems are and what they're good for. Some examples are Wordpress, Squarespace, Ghost, and Jekyll.

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