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Adam Garrett-Harris


48: Cassidy Williams - Mechanical Keyboards and Scrabble Keycaps


Cassidy is really into mechanical keybards. She talks about how she got into keyboards, some keyboard vocabulary, and the Scrabble keycaps she launched on Massdrop.


Show Notes

Keyboard sizes

  • 100%
  • TKL - tenkeyless - 75-80%
  • 66-68% - takes off the function row
  • 60% - takes off arrow keys
  • 40% - takes off number row
  • 30%
  • Orthogonal - keys are in a straight grid
  • Ergodox
  • Iris


Keycap Profile

  • DSA keycaps
  • SA keycaps
  • DCS keycaps by Signature Plastic
  • GMK - made by a german company in the same shape as DCS
  • XDA - similiar to DSA with a wider face for legends



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